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Dark Fur III, founder of the unit.

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The members of The Imperial Knights in 2013, from left to right: Lord of Wrath, Lord of Doom, Lord of Suffering, Lord of Terror, Lord of Despair, and Lord of Hope

Not to be confused with The Knights of the Empire.

The Imperial Knights were a special forces and operations unit formed by the emperor Dark Fur III and a successor unit to the Knights of the Empire. They were known for being immensely powerful in both strength and politics and were brutally cruel . Each of them posessed a certain skill in Magnetopull, as well as skills in weapons and battle.

Formation and battlesEdit

The Imperial Knights were formed in early 2013 by the emperor Dark Fur III as a successor unit to the Knights of the Empire. All the old members except for the hope were killed. The unit was created by Dark Fur as an elite group of soldiers to wreak havoc on his enemies. During the Second Staarland War the group saw action, especially the Lord of Suffering. Also in 2013 the Lord of Terror was dispatched in the Vhalland System to find the rogue Hope. They also enforced the acceptance of Dark Fur's new SBU when it was created.


  • The Lord of Wrath (Unit Commander and Megablade expert)
  • The Lord of Doom (Psychic expert) 
  • The Lord of Suffering ( Had laserblades that made a flaming wound)
  • The Lord of Terror (Magentopull and Blade expert)
  •  The Lord of Hope (Sneaking and gun expert)
  • Lord of Despair (Doubleblade expert)
  • Dark Fur III (Unit founder but does not actively participate)

The Imperial Knights in VhallandEdit

During the Vhalland War, the unit was dispatched to the Vhalland System. The Lord of Suffering went to Vhalland IV, where he actively participating, effectively being really, really awesome. However during the latter days of the battles on Vhalland 'Suffering' was confronted by 'Hope'. During the battle, The Hope defeated The Suffering, but this led to Hope having a bounty on his head.


The Imperial Knights