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Two BB Corps members.

The Bear Corps, also known as the BB Corps, were an elite group of soldiers that usually assisted the SVB unit in battle. During the Vhalland War they served as both checkpoint guards and soldiers due to higher security demands. They also fought against the RMD and SCA miliary groups from Spectrum. All members of this unit were bears of Snowy or Gund descent, BB Corps soldiers were immorally injected with the Lethe300 vaccine to erase memories of those that they had killed. They were both feared and grudgingly admired for their skill by SEC, and later the SEC would create a unit similar to the BB Corps.
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A BB Corps soldier in action.


The Bear Corps was slightly a successor unit to the former RBV (Reorganized Bearland Militia or Peopгaнизaция Bearland вoeнный), however there were many changes, such as the camoflauged helmets and riot shields. BB Corps members were present at the capture of Black Bear, and the each member of the unit was given 57£. After this incident the unit became a criminal-catching unit. Some members of the unit also served as guards for high ranking governemnt officials, SVB members, and sometimes even the emperor. A minority of RBV veterans were transferred to the BB Corps after the formation of the SBB. The shields were made to resist bullets, which may have rendered Black Bear's attacks useless.

Active Conflicts

Vhalland War

During the Vhalland War, the BB Corps